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Economies of Authorship:
Ownership and Dispossession / Symposium

November 10th to 12th
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Contact: Luzi Gross

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©Collage by Yashas Shetty: »In the studio«, Yashas Shetty, 2016 / Bundesarchiv Bild 183-R01996, »Carrier pigeon with camera«, detail

In conclusion of the series of events dealing with the concept of authorship and the status of the author in the 21st century, held in dialogue between artistic disciplines, philosophy, law, computer and social sciences, the Akademie Schloss Solitude will round off the two-year discourse with an emphasis on questions of authorship from economic, political and juridical as well as non-western perspectives.

Economies of Authorship: Ownership and Dispossession will focus on a differentiated comparison between the concepts of authorship and copyright – the difference between authorship as a moral, non-alienable right versus understanding authorship as a service – with an emphasis on economic and political aspects. It will on the one hand move between a discussion on the power structure of an increasingly data-driven economy, and on the other examine the role of the Commons in relation to the notions of sovereignty and dispossession. 

How do the Creative Commons movement and the possible use of free software affect the neoliberal economic system, how does it affect non-western societies? Can we imagine, as stated by the economist Jeremy Rifkin in 2014?, that capitalism simply disappears through the Creative Commons and is being replaced by a sharing economy, which revives Collaborative Commons as a contemporary solidary form of human and economic interaction? How can the Cultural Commons be related to political sovereignty, individuation and subjectivation?

Thursday, November 10, 2016
7.00 p.m.
Abandoning Strategies of Artificial Scarcity: Is it Possible to Create Revenues from the Commons?
Keynote by Michel Bauwens

8.00 p.m.
L’autre comme Motif – Commande et contrat dans le travail de Sâadane Afif
Lecture by Saâdane Afif

Friday, November 11, 2016
10.00 a.m.
Notes on Hiding – A Hands-on Workshop on Developing and Building Tools to Hide, Share, Broadcast, and Listen
With Yashas Shetty

1.00 p.m.   |  Lunch

2.00 p.m.
Data Economies and the Freedom of Cultural Production
Lectures by Seda Gürses, Martin Zeilinger

3.00 p.m.   |  Coffee Break

3.15 p.m.
Political Sovereignty and Copyright Governance
Lectures by Nina Støttrup Larsen, Kun Akaabir, Salma Lahlou

4.45 p.m.   |  Coffee Break

5.00 p.m.
Authorship, Subjectivation and Resistance
Lectures and film screenings by Dima Hourani, Janine Jembere

7.00 p.m.   |  Dinner

8.00 p.m.
Performance by Cássio Diniz Santiago

Saturday, November 12, 2016
10.00 a.m.
Notes on Hiding – A Hands-on Workshop on Developing and Building Tools to Hide, Share, Broadcast, and Listen
With Yashas Shetty

With contributions by:
Saâdane Afif, artist based in Berlin/Germany
Kun Akaabir, anthropologist focusing on Muslim culture and law in Indonesia, Purwokerto/Indonesia
Michel Bauwens, theorist and founder of the P2P Foundation, Chiang Mai/Thailand
Seda Gürses, researcher working on privacy technologies and feminist critique of computer science, Brussels/Belgium
Dima Hourani, visual artist, Ramallah/Palestine
Janine Jembere, filmmaker and sound artist, Berlin/Germany
Salma Lahlou, curator and founder of A Modern Artisan, Maghreb/Morocco
Cássio Diniz Santiago, performer, theater director, researcher, dramaturg, São Paulo/Brazil
Yashas Shetty, artist, educator, member and co-founder of Hackteria, Bangalore/India
Nina Støttrup Larsen, artist and designer, Amsterdam/Netherlands
Martin Zeilinger, curator of the Vector New Media Art Festival, Toronto/Canada and lecturer in media, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge/United Kingdom

The event will be held in English. Admission is free.
Per diem meal allowance incl. lunch, dinner, coffee, and beverages 20 euros/10 euros for students.

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